What’s the Economy For, Anyway?

A project of the Forum on Social Wealth, a collaboration between CPE, the Political Economy Research Institute, film-maker John de Graaf, with funding from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.)

This project raises the provocative question: What’s the Economy for, Anyway? Is it about achieving the fastest economic growth rate, the biggest GDP (gross domestic product), a rising Dow Jones index, keeping Wall St. happy, and low inflation? Or, should it be in the service of people and planet, promoting general social welfare, equity, solidarity, social and economic democracy, and sustainability?

What’s the Economy For? Conference
In October 2007, the What’s the Economy For, Anyway? Conference was held in conjunction with the Green Festival in Washington D.C. A number of CPE staff economists and advisory board members gave presentations including Nancy Folbre, Jim Boyce, Julie Schor, Hector Saez, and Emily Kawano. There were over 100 nationally known presenters who participated in this 3 day conference.