The best democracy money can buy

I was trolling through Flickr looking for photos of John McCain (for a t-shirt design I’ve got in mind) and came across this graphic by pseudoplacebo. It shows how much Clinton, Obama, McCain, and Ron Paul had spent per delegate they’d won, as of February 25, 2008. It’s something that’s been on my mind lately. Even though I’ve come to be an Obama supporter, it is seriously grossing me out how much money this election is costing–more than that, it’s unnerving to me that Obama’s lead (and probably victory) in the Democratic primary has depended so heavily on such obscene amounts of money. Yes, yes, I know, more than almost any politician in recent years, Obama’s money is coming largely from small donors. Even still, it gives pause for thought.

Anyhow, thanks to pseudoplacebo for giving this graphic a Creative Commons license!