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Globalization, Precarity and the Role of the Nation State

By Devika Dutt

On April 13, Verizon workers began a strike to demand that Verizon give them a fair contract. The workers were on strike for about six-and-a-half weeks, despite losing their health insurance. They demanded that, among other things, Verizon keep more jobs in the country instead of outsourcing them to save on labor costs, especially since Verizon is a company that makes billions of dollars in profits annually and can afford to do so.


Filipino migrant workers in Hong Kong. (Source: Wikipedia)

This sentiment has become a growing concern among workers in the United States as is evidenced by the strength of the presidential campaigns of both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump (with widely differing degrees of racism and xenophobia, of course). Read more

Bernie Sanders And The Definition Of Socialism

By Ricardo Fuentes Ramirez*


Among the most interesting aspects of the current electoral process in the US is that candidate Bernie Sanders openly identifies himself as a “democratic socialist.” It has prompted many to discuss what is, or what is not, socialism. The problem is that “socialism” is a word used to refer to many different things. Here are just a few of its unofficial definitions:

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