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What They’re Saying about CPE

“Both of the ‘Field Guides to the U.S. Economy’ as well as ‘ Creating a New World Economy’, have been important resources in our work as well as being inspirational in their content, design and accessibility.”

Jillian Nicholson
Trade Union Research Project, University of Natal, Durban, South Africa

“[T]he training not only furthered our basic understanding of economics and the dynamics of capitalism, but also provided learning techniques that we have been able to incorporate into our own training process.”

Betsy Slosar
BreakThrough: Education for Economic Action

“Yes, I learned about the ups and downs of the GDP, the business cycles, the global economy, etc. And these things have given me an understanding of why it is so important to be an environmental activist, because in a world of big economic things, there is still the human perspective.”

Rodolfo Padron
Shundahai Network and Western Shoshone Alliance, Las Vegas, NV

“I am completely satisfied and still ecstatic about my summer trip to the Center for Popular Economics. The level of education I received is beyond anything I had expected…The environmental justice issues, which were shared, gave me a sense that we in the San Joaquin valley are not alone in our struggles.”

Sandra Guzman
California Wild Heritage Campaign and Alaska Wilderness Coalition, Fresno, CA

“The Summer Institute has provided us with skills, tools and resources that will allow us…to become better strategic planners and thinkers, thereby increasing our organizational capacity and long-term sustainability.”

David and Shirley Baker
Community Against Pollution, Anniston, AL

“Being able to deepen our analysis of the prison system will not only help SOUL in our work but will also benefit all of the organizations we serve… CPE increases the capacity of organizations like SOUL.”

Minda Hickey & Genevieve Gonzales
SOUL: School of Unity and Liberation, Oakland, CA

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