Sequesters, Scholars, and Solidarity

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Tom Masterson            Thomas Herndon         Emily Kawano

The CPE is well represented on this episode of the radio show Your Friendly Neighborhood Economist. Tom Masterson interviews CPE member Thomas Herndon on the debates over economic austerity policies and CPE executive director Emily Kawano on the solidarity economy.

For more, see Thomas Herndon on the Colbert Report, and see the Friendly Neighborhood Economist website for links to more current events in economics and  background information related to the interviews on this episode.


  • Great article! Yay you are awesome. Thanks!

  • Professor Emily,

    Thank you very much for providing the link to Tom Masterson’s website. I found both of your interviews with him to be very stimulating and informative. It was great to hear you speak at length on the Solidarity Economy as it provided an excellent learning opportunity on the principles of Solidarity Economics. I have the CPE Book on the Solidarity Economy and the interview helped greatly in crystallizing the ideas and efforts contained in it.

    Perhaps you know this but the second interview with Tom on the Wellstone Initiative is available at the WCGX website.

    I have been following with great interest the controversy provoked by Thomas Herndon’s response to Reinhart-Rogoff since that story first broke. Tom’s interview with him was nothing short of incredible. Thomas Herndon and PERI deserve great credit for exposing the fallacies in the Reinhart-Rogoff. thesis.

    It gives some hope when organizations like CPE, PERI and the Levy Institute show alternate ways of thinking about our continuing economic problems. This is particularly true given the hopelessness engendered on a regular basis by our political leadership.

    I look forward to hearing future interviews on the initiatives with at CPE and SEN.