Right-to-Know: No-Bid Federal Contracts and Other Federal Spending

FedSpending.org is a new website sponsored by effective OMB watchdog organization and Right-to-Know enforcer OMBWatch.org, which keeps an eye on the deregulatory manias of recent administrations. The new FedSpending.org website allows visitors to track Federal grants and contracts using various search criteria, e.g., location of the recipient (how about “Halliburton”), place of performance (try “Iraq”), sponsoring agency (“Defense”), and whether or not the contract was open to competitive bidding.

The Federal government was supposed to produce such a website itself, but Senator T. Stevens (Alaska) put a secret hold on the legislation. Although the hold was eventually withdrawn, the government still has not come up with the promisted user-friendly database.

Here’s the Halliburton search. Notice that you can refine the search by asking for more years and more detail.

Leave comments that describe your searches. Ethanol? Pharmaceuticals?