The Globalization Project

The Globalization Project is a collaboration with the Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The overall intent of the project is to support research and education concerning issues of globalization in general, and international finance, trade and production in particular.

All aspects of the project are closely linked with PERI’s research on these issues, and so they reflect some of the latest work done by progressive economists. Products of this collaboration include a revised International Institute curriculum, workshop curricula and a series of policy briefs based on PERI’s research.

The global policy briefs are short pieces that explain either recent research in the field or a policy issue more generally. Our intent is not to repeat many of the wonderful resources already available on the web about timely issues, but rather to focus on popular explanations of economic theories and research that people can use in their own policy and organizing work.

We thank the Ford Foundation for their generous support of this project.