Field Guide to the US Economy

Want to know more about the odd creatures that inhabit our economic environment? The Field Guide to the U.S. Economy identifies over 160 important issues, holding a magnifying glass to trends affecting our everyday lives.

Short, easy-to-follow presentations take you off the beaten track, well beyond Washington and Wall Street. Graphs and cartoons liven up the facts. A “Toolkit” helps you interpret and use economic statistics; included here are explanations of price indices, GDP, the poverty line, and other economic concepts. The Glossary provides clear, simple explanations of many technical terms.

From the distribution of wealth to the provision of child care, from job benefits to health-care coverage, from international financial crises to global warming, the Field Guide offers information needed to understand – and to improve – the world we work in.

This website offers sample pages, ordering information, news and analysis of economic trends, and direct access to useful data available on the internet. Don’t be afraid of getting lost, and don’t worry about predators or pests. The Field Guide to the U.S. Economy is designed to send you out on a safe and excellent adventure.

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