2013 Summer Institute


2013 CPE Summer Institute


The Care Economy:

Building a Just Economy with a Heart


August 4-9, 2013

Hampshire College, Amherst, MA (map)

2013 Schedule of Public Events

CPE’s Summer Institute

CPE’s Summer Institute is a week-long intensive training in economics for activists, educators, media makers, and anyone who wants a better understanding of how the economy works. Our trainings are highly participatory and build on the knowledge and experience of our participants. No background in economics is necessary.

Special track: The Care Economy: Building a Just Economy with a Heart

whatsfordinnerEvery year we choose a particular issue that to focus on. This year, the Summer Institute will look at the care economy.

Women are the backbone of the care economy. Paid care jobs such as childcare, domestic work, homecare, and eldercare tend to pay low wages and offer sub-standard benefits. Unpaid care work devoted to family members, friends, and members of the community is often taken for granted.  Supportive public policies such as paid family leave, sick leave, high-quality child care and after-school programs are lacking. Women are left to bear a disproportionate share of the dual burden of paid and unpaid care work.

Care work is essential to the health and well being of our society and economy.  In the U.S. we undervalue and under invest in care provision.  Our Care Economy special track will provide activists with strategic and analytical tools to articulate and organize for investment in the care economy.

Sample topics:

  • immigration and care work
  • care labor, both paid and unpaid – making it visible, valued and adequately supported
  • attack or lack of resources in support of care work – minimum wage, organizing strategies for care workers, paid family leave, tax policies, childcare, Social Security, healthcare, etc.
  •  economic factors in violence against women, trafficking
  •  responses and solutions

Core ClassroomsUS - Tim Darrell

At the heart of the Summer Institute program are two core courses which meet all morning each day. All participants must choose one core course.

Participants have described these courses as “inspiring, intense, stimulating, and comprehensive.”


The U.S. Economy/ Topics include

»     Roots of the economic meltdown and solutions
»     Speculation, finance and housing bubbles

Intl Vanessa Erin

»     Economy, race, class and gender
»     Economic histories – from personal to global
»     Labor and jobs
»     Democratizing the Federal Reserve and banks.
»  Economic alternatives, socialism and the solidarity economy

The International Economy/ Topics include

»     Roots of the economic meltdown and solutions
»     Brief history of the global economy
»     International trade, production and finance
»     The IMF, World Bank, WTO
»     Global climate change and the environment
»     Creating a new world economy

Afternoon & evening events:

In addition to the core courses there will be afternoon workshops, films, evening plenaries, cultural events, and a local tour of economic alternatives. These events are free and open to the public. To see the preliminary 2013 Schedule of Public Events click on the link. Please check back as to see updates about workshops and evening panels.

Who attends the Summer Institute?

The Institute draws a diverse group of participants from across the U.S. and around the world, with a wide range of interests and expertise. On average, a third of our participants are people of color, two-thirds are women, a fifth are from outside of the U.S., and the ages of participants range from 18-80 years. Together, we form a lively community in which we learn as much from the rich interaction with one another as from the Institute programs.

Summer Institute Fees

Sunday evening through Saturday morning: Room, board, tuition and materials – $900
Limited scholarships available on a rolling basis.

Co-sponsoring organizations

We are delighted to be working with the following organizations on developing and organizing this year’s Summer Institute:

clpp-logoCivil Liberties & Public Policy – we inspire, educate, train and support new activists and leadership to secure reproductive freedom, justice and sexual rights for everyone. We do this through leadership projects that include our classes, annual conference, paid summer internships, emerging leaders network, student activist group and newsletter.


CWGL_logoCenter for Women’s Global Leadership – Since 1990, CWGL has fostered women’s leadership in the area of human rights through women’s global leadership institutes, strategic planning activities, international mobilization campaigns, UN monitoring, global education endeavors, publications, and a resource center.



Caring Across Generations – We all have people we love who are at risk of losing the support they need to live with dignity. We are building a movement to defend what we have earned and create what we need for future generations so we can be a nation that takes care of one another across generations.


CEC Logo FinalThe mission of the Center for Partnership Studies’ Caring Economy Campaign is to shift economic measurements, policies, and practices from the current focus on GDP and Wall Street to a humane and prosperous economy that recognizes the enormous return on investment in the most important human work: the work of caring for and educating people, starting in early childhood.

Further Information

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