“Little Green Lies”

From BusinessWeek:

Little Green Lies
The sweet notion that making a company environmentally friendly can be not just cost-effective but profitable is going up in smoke. Meet the man wielding the torch

Sobering thoughts from a dedicated environmentalist business-reformer. Among other things, what this shows is that real change in business behavior won’t come until the economics changes. The price of creating pollution must go up–when (if) it does, the return-on-investment equation will change, and that’s the best hope for changing business behavior and achieving real reductions in pollution. Ideally, this will take the form of a cap-and-trade program where all emission permits are auctioned and revenue recycled as per-capita payments to all Americans, as championed by Peter Barnes.


  • Unfortunately, yesterday I heard Harry Reid going on about how we must give something (read free rights to pollute) to poor corporations to ensure their buy-in to a cap-and-trade program for carbon. I don’t think giving away the air for free is a good idea, even if we’ve been de facto doing it all along. sigh.

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