Labor Strife in Second Life?

New World Notes has a story concerning Italian IBM workers in a contract dispute. The twist is, they’re planning a labor action at IBM’s virtual campus in Second Life, the online game world. Apparently this is the first virtual labor action, although Korean “Gold Farmers” (workers that play World of Warcraft in order to sell the virtual gold to wealthier 1st world players) are forming a trade association in response to proposed regulation of their $1 billion a year trade (thanks to story at Ars Technica).

First Life (look outside) labor activists might be excused for wondering what good a virtual picket line will do for the cause. Big Blue, in response to demands of an extra 40 euros pay, slashed compensation by 1000 euros. Perhaps some more tangible action is called for.

(Thanks to How the World Works for the link).

Update (9/27/07): Here is a report from New World Notes on the 12 hour picket in Second Life. Definitely not your usual picket line. Still waiting for a response from IBM.