Is the Energy Bill Not-Insane?

J.S. at Environmental Economics seems to think so. Maybe. According to a NY Times piece the bill

would revoke $17 billion in tax breaks extended to big oil companies like Exxon Mobil Corp and slap a 25 percent windfall profits tax on firms that don’t invest in new energy sources.

My question is: will the Democrats grow a spine in time to pass such a bill, even in the face of some opposition?

One comment

  • Jonathan Teller-Elsberg

    A non-insane energy bill would be a real treat. Over at work, I blogged against the idea that oil companies should be expected to also be renewable energy companies. I didn’t mean to suggest that I was against oil companies getting into renewable energy, only that I don’t quite get why they should be the ones to do it. The windfall tax, that thar is a good idea.