Evergreen Cooperative – a Model for Springfield?

Cleveland’s Evergreen Cooperatives

Is this a model for Springfield?

November 16, 2010

Evergreen Laundry

Ted Howard, one of the architects of the Evergreen Cooperatives Initiative, spoke at Umass and in Springfield about how Cleveland’s downtown anchor institutions, including a hospital, university, a foundation and a bank, worked with the surrounding low-income community to launch three worker owned businesses – a $5.7 million state-of-the-art green laundry, a solar installation company and a hydroponic greenhouse the size of a football field. He also met with people from community groups and anchor institutions who are exploring the potential to develop worker owned jobs using their join purchasing power.

The events were co-sponsored by the Center for Public Policy and Administration, Center for Popular Economics, the Pioneer Valley Project, Political Economy Research Institute, UMass Department of Economics, WMass Jobs w. Justice, and the UMass Labor Center

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