Economic Find: Comparing Foreclosure Rates, 2008-10

The rate of foreclosures in Community Land Trusts (CLTs) has actually declined slightly since the start of the housing crisis, from .52% in 2008 to .46% in 2010. In comparison, foreclosures in the conventional prime loan segment has steadily risen.  Foreclosure rates in the sub-prime market peaked in 2009 at 15.6% and then fell to 14.53% in 2010.

CLTs are able to help households avoid foreclosure through a variety of support. Many CLTs  educate and support their homeowners during both the pre-purchase and post-purchase periods, intervene with mortgage lenders, and intervene with homeowners at risk of foreclosure.




Created by CPE Member Economist Emily Kawano

November 2011


Thaden, Emily. “Stable Home Ownership in a Turbulent Economy: Delinquencies and Foreclosures Remain Low in Community Land Trusts,” Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, 2011.