Central African Popular Economics (CAPE) Project

Karuzi Burundi goats
By J. Bariyanga (USAID) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

[This is a temporary webpage, created to disseminate material and publicize events relatied to this project. We are in the process of raising the resources with which to develop a permanent, dedicated website.]

The Center for Popular Economics (United States) and the Center for Research and Rural Economic Development (based in Burundi) have launched the Central African Popular Economics Project – a partnership and collaboration to help civil society, community organizations, NGOs, and policy-makers in Central Africa deepen their understanding of how the economy works so that they are better able to engage in economic debates and decision-making

The CAPE Project objectives include:

  • To organize a series of economics trainings in Central Africa
  • To build and train a network of popular economics trainers – the Central African Popular Economics Network (CAPEN)
  • To develop a curriculum that is tailored to the specificities of Central Africa
  • To develop communications materials to de-mystify the economy
  • To develop an internet portal to disseminate materials and publicize popular economics trainings and events.
  • To support the communications material and trainings with research, data, stories and case studies.

August 4-10: A delegation of CAPEN members will attend CPE’s Summer Institute, August 4-10, 2013 in Amherst, MA in order to observe and participate in this week long training. It will provide a great opportunity for CAPEN members to learn about both the content and the teaching approach which is informed by a popular education framework in which everyone is seen as a teacher and a student, where we build upon the experiences of the participants, and where the aim is to mobilize for change and social justice.

August 10, 2013: The delegation will meet with CPE members immediately following the Summer Institute on August 10-11 to make final preparations for the week long Central Africa Popular Economics Training which will be held in Burundi later in the month of August 2013.

Late August, 2013: The Central African Popular Economics (CAPE) training will bring together members of the Central African Popular Economics Network (CAPEN) for a week. CPE members, Kiaran Honderich and Mathieu Dufour will facilitate the training.

Fall 2013: Over the course of the fall, participants will facilitate pilot Popular Economics workshops in their communities and organizations. This process will be supported by regular conference calls with CPE and CAPEN members. The curriculum will be revised and improved based on the feedback and evaluation of the pilot workshops.

Spring 2014: Produce a Central African Popular Economics Curriculum and translate into French.

Summer 2014: hold the 2nd CAPE training, followed by a CAPEN meeting to plan year two and three activities.

CAPE Online Library – throughout this process, we will build an online resource library of stories, case studies, data, and user-friendly graphs and visuals.