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Carbon labeling on my mind

Posted by on March 11th, 2008

[Crossposted at my work blog.]
BusinessWeek’s GreenBiz blog tipped me off to a recent BW article on carbon labeling. Carbon labeling means to label consumer products with an indicator of how much greenhouse gas was emitted in the production and distribution of each product to the point of having it on the shelf in front of the customer. The idea has been around for a while, but only recently have manufacturers (like Timberland shoes) [...] read more >

Too cool for words. Even YouTube barely does it justice.

Posted by on February 15th, 2008

Krugman on odds of achieving universal health care: w/ Clinton not bad, w/ Obama near zilch

Posted by on February 7th, 2008

Paul Krugman’s latest column asserts that Senator Clinton should be the clear favorite for those in favor of universal health care.
The principal policy division between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama involves health care. It’s a division that can seem technical and obscure — and I’ve read many assertions that only the most wonkish care about the fine print of their proposals.
But as I’ve tried to explain in previous columns, there really is a big difference [...] read more >

Some popular vote numbers for the primaries

Posted by on February 6th, 2008

I was curious about overall popular vote numbers for the primaries this year. I’ve seen a number of pieces, particularly at DailyKos (like this one) pointing out that Democrats are going to the polls in much larger numbers than Republicans. But a little bit of searching came up with nothing as far as overall popular vote tallies. They’re out there, I’m sure, but I couldn’t find them easily. So I put some together and they’re [...] read more >


Posted by on February 1st, 2008

I admit to feeling some of that “lack of consumer confidence” myself. No pink slips at my workplace, not that I’ve heard rumor about at least, but news like this doesn’t help.
Employers cut 17,000 jobs from their payrolls in January, Labor Department figures showed. Economists had been expecting a rise of 80,000.

The job losses were across all sectors of the economy including manufacturing and professional services.
“The economy is in recession mode,” said Peter Morici, an [...] read more >

Chemical weapons in a class war?

Posted by on January 28th, 2008

Bruce E. Levine has an interesting article over at Alternet on the use of psychiatric medication to tame defiant youth. Some tantalizing excerpts:
For a generation now, disruptive young Americans who rebel against authority figures have been increasingly diagnosed with mental illnesses and medicated with psychiatric (psychotropic) drugs.
Disruptive young people who are medicated with Ritalin, Adderall and other amphetamines routinely report that these drugs make them “care less” about their boredom, resentments and other negative emotions, [...] read more >

A poem

Posted by on January 22nd, 2008

A friend just sent this to me. It’s an English folk poem, circa 1764, so he says.
They hang the man and flog the woman
That steal the goose from off the common,
But let the greater villain loose
That steals the common from the goose.
The Law demands that we atone
When we take things we do not own
But leaves the lords and ladies fine
Who take things that are yours and mine.
The poor and wretched don’t escape
If they conspire the law [...] read more >

Missing the recession boat

Posted by on January 18th, 2008

Today’s NYTimes article on Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s testimony to Congress yesterday, and the simultaneous drop in the stock market, includes a few noteworthy passages:
The stock market plunged again on Thursday on bad economic news, taking little comfort from reassuring words by the chairman of the Federal Reserve or an emerging consensus about a stimulus plan that many worry could be too late.
On a day when stocks were pushed down another 3 percent on [...] read more >

Peter Barnes’ new book: Climate Solutions

Posted by on January 18th, 2008

My day job is as an assistant editor at Chelsea Green Publishing. I’ve been particularly excited about one book that we’ve been working on, Peter Barnes’ Climate Solutions: A Citizen’s Guide: What Works, What Doesn’t, and Why. Well, it’s just shipped from the printer, so now’s your chance to get a copy and check it out.
[update] I just came across a little BusinessWeek article focusing on Barnes’ ideas for a carbon dividend. They don’t [...] read more >

Candidates with hairstyles on economic policy

Posted by on January 15th, 2008

Paul Krugman has a NYTimes op-ed column on the economic policies of all the big-name presidential contenders. One of his final comments is, “on Sunday Mr. Obama came out with a real stimulus plan. As was the case with his health care plan, which fell short of universal coverage, his stimulus proposal is similar to those of the other Democratic candidates, but tilted to the right…. I know that Mr. Obama’s supporters hate to hear [...] read more >