A bigger picture on jobs

Jared Bernstein (among many many many many many others, including Jonathan, who beat me to the punch below) dissects todays job numbers at EPI’s Job Picture. Particularly telling is this graph:

Job Growth, Year-on-Year

It shows that year-on-year job growth (a better indicator than the more volatile weekly or monthly job numbers that are widely reported) has been falling dramatically for almost a year now.


Here’s an even bigger picture from Calculated Risk’s entry on the jobs numbers. In addition to the detail on the slump in job growth over the last year, it’s also easy to spot the jobless recovery under Bush’s watch. During no other recovery period has job growth been so consistently low, than under GWB. And that’s with huge deficit spending and two wars! I used to think that no one could match Warren G. Harding. But, I really must say it: Worst. President. Ever!

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  • Jonathan Teller-Elsberg

    You’re too kind. I was too busy pissing and moaning to do any dissecting. But if you want to lump me in with folks like Bernstein, that’s okay by me!