The Path Forward for Worker Cooperatives

By Ricardo Fuentes-Ramírez

Many activists have turned to developing and supporting Worker Cooperatives as a fundamental part of building alternatives to our current system. In one of his recent books, economist Richard Wolff explains that there are many types of cooperatives, and activists should specifically coalesce around those that are “workers’ self-directed enterprises,” or WSDEs. Not all worker-owned enterprises, worker-managed enterprises, or cooperatives are necessarily WSDEs. In [...] read more >

Matrix Algebra: How to Be Human in a Digital Economy

By Sara C. Kingsley and Dr. Mary L. Gray
Ray and Charles Working on a Conceptual Model for the Exhibition Mathematica, 1960, photograph.Prints & Photographs Division, Library of Congress (A-22a)
“Certainly the cost of living has increased, but the cost of everything else has likewise increased,” H.G. Burt, the President of the Union Pacific Railroad, asserted to railroad company machinists and boilermakers.  For Burt, the [...] read more >

Kshama Sawant Is Right About Boeing

By Matson  Boyd
This past November, after Boeing threatened to leave Washington State, the state passed a bill to give Boeing the largest tax break any state has ever granted a company: $8.7 billion from now until 2040. Boeing wasn’t in financial difficulty. In fact, in December they gave $10 billion back to shareholders in the form of a stock buy-back. Instead it was relatively routine extortion, part of the accelerating race to the bottom that has transferred massive [...] read more >

Build Schools, Not Drones

By Danish Khan

Most economists would describe contemporary times as an epoch of austerity. Whether it is public education or healthcare, enormous pressure has been exerted by the right wing to cut government spending in order to reduce the budget deficit. But interestingly, advocates of austerity always pick those social programs for spending cuts which are directly related to the lives of working people in America, e.g. unemployment insurance, food stamps, [...] read more >

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